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A comprehensive approach to health and rehabilitation

Incorporating physiotherapy, behaviour and environmental management for long term results, for all animals.

Who are we?

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We are UK-based Veterinary Physiotherapists who specialise in a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and the prevention of musculoskeletal and neurological disease in both domestic and exotic animals. We work in conjunction with pet owners and other professionals (Veterinary staff and zookeepers) to tackle disease and prevent reoccurrence. As well as using manual treatment when appropriate, we use a comprehensive approach of environmental, behavioural and functional management.


We work with domestic animals in the North-West of England and North Wales, and with specialist cases (Zoo and Exotics) UK and worldwide. Shackleton Veterinary Physiotherapy is some of the few Veterinary therapists who are insured to work with/treat exotic animals, due to their background, training and memberships within the zoo industry. We also offer a variety of workshops, CPD and talks for zoological and veterinary professionals, and educational institutions.


Shackleton veterinary physiotherapy provided the RSPCA Stapeley Grange Cattery with some fantastic CPD and also provided us with extremely valuable advice on some of the cats within our care. Matthew has a very holistic approach to his treatments and ensures that the client fully understands the exercises that are implemented and the theory behind each intervention.

Nicola - RSPCA Vet nurse


Professional memberships

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