A comprehensive approach to health and rehabilitation

Incorporating physiotherapy, behaviour and environmental management for long term results, for all animals.

The services we offer

Who are we?

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We are UK-based Veterinary Physiotherapists who specialise in a holistic approach to rehabilitation, and the prevention of musculoskeletal and neurological disease in both domestic and exotic animals. We work in conjunction with other professionals (Veterinary staff and zookeepers) to tackle disease and prevent reoccurrence. As well as using manual treatment, we use a comprehensive approach of environmental, behavioural and functional management.


We work with domestic animals in the North-West of England and North Wales, and with specialist cases (Zoo and Exotics) UK and worldwide. Matthew Shackleton is one of the few Veterinary therapists who is insured to work with/treat exotic animals, due to his background, training and memberships within the zoo industry.


'Matt came out yesterday to see my horse (Taylor) who has an old pelvic injury and trouble with flexibility.

He was very knowledgeable and professional, gentle and patient with Taylor and identified lots of areas for improvement in her movement to help her become more comfortable and fit. He examined her from nose to tail and explained everything along the way with as much detail as I asked.

He then did some flexion exercises and tension release in the most affected muscles and gave me lots of advice for stretches, exercises and lifestyle changes to go forward with.

Really looking forward to seeing Taylor's progress in the coming months and I couldn't praise Matt enough. Thank you! Would recommend 100%

- Becci. M


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