Veterinary consent

All veterinary physiotherapists work with veterinary consent; this is vital* because we must work within the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966, as only a vet can diagnose and treat an animal in the UK. This involves getting consent from your registered vet, which gives me permission to assess and treat the animal. Thankfully, this is an simple process.

*Veterinary consent is not required for an animal that only requires maintenance treatment e.g. does not have an obvious illness or injury. In this case no referral form is required, however if during assessment an issue is discovered, the session will end and the animal will be referred back to the vet for assessment. 

Prices and Policies

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Veterinary consent form

How I work

Step one: Download the veterinary consent form (word doc or PDF - links above), and fill in the owner and animal details, and details of your vets. 


Step two: return the form to us via email (, and detail any preferences for your session/visit, we will then forward the form to your vet and gain consent from the registered surgery.


Step three: we will contact you and confirm a time and date for your first session, first sessions tend to last up to 1hr 30minutes, as this will include a full initial assessment and treatment. 

After your first session you will receive a full report detailing clinical findings, treatment administered and exercise prescription. This form will also be sent to your veterinary surgery to allow them to update the animals veterinary records.


For vets: 

To refer a patient, simply download one of the veterinary consent forms below, and complete the client details and clinical history sections, and return the form via email.



Services - Normal prices:
- Equine assessment and treatments – £60 
- Canine assessment and treatments – £45 
- Exotic assessment and treatment - Contact to discuss


Group rates available for:
- Multiple horses on a single yard - £45 per horse
- Multiple dogs in a single home/setting - £30 per dog


Areas covered and travel expenses:

- Zoo cases seen throughout the UK (worldwide via online consultancy)
- Cheshire, North Wales and Merseyside - for domestic cases
- No charge for travel under 15 miles away from Chester.
- Over 15 miles, is charged at 45p per mile.