Title: Lameness and rehabilitation: Part 1 - Early signs, risk factors and management



Musculoskeletal issues of varying aetiology are a common form of

pathology in zoo species, and standard protocols are used to treat

this in zoos. Some interventions are purely pharmaceutical and

surgical. Is this enough, and if rehabilitation techniques are used,

can those from humans and domestic species be applied safely

and effectively to exotic species? Further, are our standard

approaches to zoo animal management and keeping causing

some musculoskeletal pathology?

This talk will cover the management of musculoskeletal and

neurological health in daily husbandry routines, as well as

rehabilitative approaches for lameness and associated pathology.

Additionally, and using evidence from zoos and from the literature,

it outlines how rehabilitation/physiotherapy modalities could be altered to better fit the management of an exotic species, and how traditional approaches may be to the animal’s detriment.



  • What management changes can be made to maintain health and recovery, in addition to (?) current practices, and how might they predispose animals to MSK pathology (examples of current enclosures for evaluation)?

  • How current rehabilitation might be altered for use with exotic species (examples from the literature)?


Run time - 95mins

Webinar 1: Lameness and rehabilitation - Early signs and risk factors

  • This webinar is suitable for anyone who has been

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