We will answer all your questions regarding environmental management, training utilisation and much more. We can discuss both domestic and exotic species, and how important looking at their whole environment, routine and behaviour is for their physiological health and well-being. By discussing your concerns and the animals in your care, we can assess how current strategies might be impacting them, and what alterations could be made.


Included in this coaching opportunity:


  • Animal Care Advice
  • Environmental modification advice
  • Utilising training to increase fitness
  • How to manage 'wear and tear', old age and maintain fitness
  • Enrichment opportunities

Remote consultation

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  • These sessions will be able to discuss your general concerns, and how current scientific knowledge could be applied to optimise current management. I am also able to look at footage/photos of the environment, enrichment devices, training, locomotion, to help make the consultation more specific to any particular animals in your care.

  • To book, simply complete a payment and/or complete the bookings form to arrange a date/time, and whether the talk will be remote or a formal visit.