I am available as guest speaker for your event or institute. As well as over 7 years experiencing teaching at both College and University level, I have been a guest speaker at numerous veterinary and zoological conferences (The British Veterinary Zoological Society, Southern Veterinary Schools Zoological Symposium....), as well as being invited to talk colleges and universities to students from numerous disaplines (Veterinary, Rehabilitation, Zoo management). I can talk about a variety of topics that may be relevant to your event/course or talk about my prior cases or research (Komodo dragon gait and lameness). 

Guest speaker

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  • To book, simply complete a payment and/or complete the bookings form to arrange a date/time, and whether the talk will be remote or a formal visit.

  • Price will vary depending on length of talk, and whether it will involve travel to your locatiom, please contact me via the form to discuss this further.